About Family Photoshoots

Your family photography will be a set of images that freezes a moment in time, for you and your children. These are documentary-style photos that will become part of your family story for generations to come.

All my sessions last around 1 hour, they take place either at your home or an outdoor location of your choice. I always think it’s best to choose a location that’s personal to you, but we can chat about that when you book your session. Some of my favourite spots are the beach, woods or country parks.  I know loads round here in Essex so if you need any help deciding, just let me know.

What is a family photography session like?

Basically your session is a an hour or 2 where you all get to have fun as a family and at the end you’ll get some great photos that will preserve your memories for generations to come. I think the most common thing I hear after each photoshoot is ‘That was so much fun!”  I don’t think people really expect it to be like that.  Normally having a camera in your face isn’t the most relaxing thing, but this really isn’t about the camera, it’s about you and your family.

Throughout the session there will be a few group shots and one-to-one portraits  of the kids. And then the rest of our time will be a bit more unstructured, if you’ve chosen an activity that’s fun for the kids then everything else can work around that.  We’ll just go and have some fun and I might gently prompt you for certain photos if I think they’ll work well.

I’m passionate about capturing real life in a beautiful way, so the priority is to enjoy your time as a family, not stare at the camera.   The most important photos will always be those that capture our memories, and that means no fake smiles or white backdrops.  It’s not about creating a fake situation where you all try to look happy, it’s about being together as a family and capturing those honest expressions and moments.

After your family photography session, I individually edit each of your photos to enhance the emotions that I can see in those image.  For me that is a big part of the process and for each family there will always be something unique about their personality and their photos.

To keep it simple, I include all the edited files in your family photography package.  All travel is included within 30 miles of Halstead, Essex.  If you’d like a shoot outside this area, I just ask you to cover an extra travel costs.

If you’d like to find out more contact me here