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Hylands Park Mini Shoot
Hylands park is a great spot of family photos, this adorable family did a mini shoot there this summer. I love Hylands Park as it's got a real variety of backdrops and hidden away sections where you can get away from people.  It does get busy at the weekends though so I try to stick to weekday shoots there or at quieter times of the day.  If you're planning a mini shoot rather than a full shoot it's a good idea to just stick to one spot rather than too much walking around.  Really it's about capturing a few key photos rather than the normal, more documentary, way of shooting that I normally photograph.  As you can see you can still get some v ...
Leytonstone Family photoshoot family on sofa hugging
Leytonstone Family Photoshoot
It was my second time photographing this wonderful family.  They have a new addition now, I love it when I get to meet the new babies in the family and see families grow together.  It really is special.  On this day we'd planned an autumnal shoot outside in one of North London's parks but the weather was not playing ball.  Infact it was more torrential downpours and freezing winds! Definitely not what you want with a baby in tow! So at the last minute the plans changed to an at home photoshoot. There's something I love about photographing families at home and especially as we're all spending so much time at home as families, it feels somehow ...
Essex Woodland Family Photoshoot Mini
As I've had a bit more time for family photos this year I decided to add a little mini package option to my prices.  It's just half an hour and must be taken near Sudbury/Halstead and you get 15 files afterwards but they are a great little option if you want a quick shoot and don't need the full option.  We normally stick to one spot, so not much walking around but I think they are great way of getting a little top-up shoot as the kids grow or just a little taster shoot.  Here's one from autumn this year.
Family laughing at photoshoot on Essex Beach
Essex Coast Family Photoshoot
I loved hanging out with these guys!  We had so much fun on the beach, within minutes the kids were covered in mud, the dogs were running riot and it was mild level chaos.  I love that we managed to capture a lot of that 'normal' life as well as some lovely portraits of them.  I always try and get a balance of both sides as I think they are both equally important.  It's easy to focus on the 'pretty' pictures but I think it's really important to get photos that feel like you too.  It's why I always shoot in a more documentary style and why I love photographing outdoors or at home, rather than a studio.
Family at home in Chelmsford for family photoshoot
Chelmsford Natural Family Photoshoot
These guys are moving soon so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some natural, family photos in their Chelmsford house.  It's so brilliant to be able to capture memories like this.  The girls probably won't remember their first house but it will be so lovely for them to have these photos as a little keepsake of where they first started their lives.  We hung out at home for a bit, which is great with younger kids as it gives them a chance to warm up a bit, the we went to the park for the last bit to get some nice, outdoor photos.  I think it's always nice to have a bit of a mix if you can.  OK, here are a few of their photos.
Family outdoors at Essex Family Photography session
Essex Outdoor Family Photography
Verity and Scott's wedding was the first one I ever photographed so when they asked me photographing their family I was bloody over the moon.  Could you get more quintessentially English countryside than this little tribe?  They are so adorable. They look like they've stepped out of a modern day Enid Blyton!  The 3 little boys were an absolute delight, full of energy and excitement.  They live in the most gorgeous Essex countryside so we did an outdoor photoshoot.  With a garden that lovely you want to make the most of it! Here are a few photos from the evening.
Family in wildflowers at Abbey Gardens Bury St Edmunds
Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens Family Photography
We headed to Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens for this family photography session.  This was one of those dreamy early summer evenings.  After months in lockdown everyone was out making the most of having this wonderful park.  It was such a beautiful time of year for a family session, there were wildflowers out and the light was gorgeous in the early evening.  We took a stroll around the Abbey Gardens, giving the kids plenty of time to explore and run around whilst getting photos inbetween. I love the Abbey Gardens as there's plenty of variety in backdrops and lots of areas where you can get away from the busier sections.  We ended up looping ...
Suffolk Family Photographer Water Meadows Sudbury
Sudbury Suffolk Family photographer
I'm so excited to be back photographing families again after months of lockdown! And what a beauty of a family to start back with.  We headed out to Sudbury Water Meadows in Suffolk. This is one of my favourite local spots and I often go there with my own children.  This run of amazing weather has meant I've been hunting out fun places for kids to go and have a paddle as little kids especially really don't enjoy it when it's too hot! The mill pond in Sudbury is beautiful. We had a roam around first to look at the cows and then finished up at the pond where we all ended up soaking wet!  I think that's always a good sign of a fun, family shoot ...
Hanningfield Reservoir Essex Family Photoshoot
I love it when I get to revisit families for a photoshoot.  These guys had added an extra family member since I last saw them and moved to the countryside.  We headed to one of my favourite Essex spots for families, Hanningfield Reservoir.  Hanningfield is a great place for pre-school and young kids as there's a little Wind in the Willows trail and enough things on the short walk to be entertaining for everyone.  Plus you get a cafe at the end for any frazzled parents!! We were super lucky with the weather as it had been raining for weeks but we had full blown sunshine on this day!  After a bit of time at home (I often find this is a nice ...
Suffolk Family Photoshoot in Autumn
Suffolk Autumn Family Photoshoot
Who else loves autumn?  It's one of my favourite times of year to photograph.  All those lovely colours and dreamy light. We all popped on our wellies and headed out for a bit of a walk with the dog. Luckily these guys had the most beautiful spot right on their doorstep in the Suffolk countryside so we didn't have to go to far to get some nice photos.  You definitely don't want an autumn photoshoot with kids if you want to keep them neat and tidy but if you love to embrace the outdoors (and the mud!) then I'd definitely recommend this time of year.